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Alkisah, a man out of the house, yard, walk-way with no sense of despair. He has been unemployed long enough. Financial condition of his family helter-skelter. Meanwhile, the neighbors meet busy home with luxury goods, he was still thinking about how to wrestle meet basic family needs, food and clothing. Children are not old dibelikan clothes, his wife often grumpy because nobody can buy goods of households
is feasible. Men's Health is not resistant to this condition, and he does not believe that very day journey times will bring luck, that is, get a job.

When the man was middle of the deserted street, suddenly stumble something legs. Because he feels it's bend over and pick it up. "Uh, just an ancient coin that has been penyok-penyok," gerutunya disappointed. Nevertheless she brought it to a coin bank. "It's a coin in it to bring Mr. collectors of old money," said the teller gave suggestions. Man itupun follow the suggestion of the teller, took koinnya to collectors. Lucky once, the coin collectors appreciate it worth 30 dollars. Once happiness, men begin to think what will he do with this Rejeki nomplok.

When passing through a tackle shop, see a few pieces of wood on sale. He can make some shelves for his wife because his wife had said they have no place to store and stoples bowl. After buying 30 dollars worth of wood, she wood shoulder and go home. On the way he passes a shop furniture manufacturer. Garage owner's eyes are trained to see the wood dipanggul the man. Beautiful wood, good color, quality and famous. Coincidence that at the time the order furniture. He offers a number of 100 dollars cash to the man. Looks doubtful in the eyes of men, but of the meyakinkannya and can offer furniture that has been chosen so that the man is. Chance there is a cupboard that his wife preferred.

He timber trade and borrow a cart to bring the cabinet. He immediately took him home. On the way he passes a new housing. A woman who is mendekorasi new home melongok out the window and saw a man pushing the cart contains a beautiful cabinet. The woman stuck with the bid and the price 200 dollars. When a man is visible hesitation, the woman raising a 250 dollar bid. Man itupun agree. And craftsmen to restore the cart and go home.

Door in the village he stopped a moment and want to ensure that the money he received. He sakunya fish and the value of 250 dollars. At that time a hijacker out of the thicket, stiletto point, to seize the money, and vague.

Wife the chance to see the man approached her husband and ran and said, "What happened? You both are not you? What is taken by the hijacker before?" Man is the shoulder and said, "Oh, nothing .. just a token penyok which kutemukan before morning."

When we realize we never have any, why should be drowned in excessive pain? Instead, we should be grateful for any gift of life that God has given to us, because when we come and go does not bring anything.

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