catch ur future with ur dream job

One day,

I really scared bout my future..

I’m 20th years old,

Juzt a little smart,

Little beauty,

Little rich,

Little . . . hfff.. (sigh)

And had been graduated one half years again..

But, i still have no idea what’s i trying to do if I graduated later..

-Do u have a recommendation 4 me?-



I don’t know what I really want to be..


If I see the singer, actress, comedian, or something like that on TV..

Deeply in my heart, I want to be like her/him..

Have many fans, concert to another country, around the world, making the movie, everybody see me on TV Show, in advertisement..


I imagine.. that someday I can be the famous person, rich, and lovable..

Everybody love me so much..

(but hhh.. –sigh again- there is juzt a dream..)

Althought I really hope that can be true..

-Not because “want to be the ONE” but just because “want to be exist” (in this world)-


U can’t life juzt with ur dream,,

U must fighting, workhard,

Have faith to makes everything came true..

(and hope a little of miracle ofcourse)

-I’m walking around my playground, think, look everybody passing, see the sky, close my eyes n’ pray “I want to catch my future with my dream job, God.. Plizz help me to realized that”-

Hope a star falling so that my dream came true..

-with such a bright smile and ambition- hahah..

(Soerabaya, 18 Januari ’09 - 21:11 wib)

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